This class is skill based, fast paced, and geared just for kids on energy overload! Our Ninja training program combines military style obstacle courses to develop strength and speed, gymnastics tumbling, and “ninja” style moves just like what you would see in a video game or in movies! The sport of Ninja is…. “To move uninterrupted through an environment or series of obstacles with fluidity, prowess, and strength. To use combinations of skillful spins, rolls, flips, jumps, and kicks to elude and opponent.” Our skill curriculum is comprised of a clever combination of gymnastics, martial arts, break dancing, and cross training. Beyond skill our curriculum teaches:

  • Confidence
  • Being part of a group
  • Impulse Control
  • Discipline

Lil’ Ninjas – Class is 45 minutes

This class is designed for boys and girls ages 3-4. The emphasis is on taking direction, being part of a group, circuit and safety. Students will learn progressions and terminology for skills used in Ninja training including rolling, vaulting, basic large gross motor skills, jumping, and falling, swinging, and climbing. The goal is to develop body coordination, awareness, and listening skills required for Ninja Training Level White.

White 1 Boys – Boys ages 5-7. Class is 1 hour.

White 2 Boys – Boys ages 8-11. Class is 1 hour

Girls White – Girls ages 5-11. Class is 1 hour


This class includes training for fundamental body movement, basic skills including ninja rolling for safety, back flip progressions, basic vaulting, wall & bar progressions, basic kicking & punching technique, and development of core strength & speed. Safety techniques for falling, landing and transitioning are strongly emphasized as well as instructor insisted learning.

Yellow Boys – Boys ages 6-11. Class is 1 hour.

Yellow Girls – Girls ages 6-11. Class is 1 hour.


Students must show mastery at the White Level during a Ninja Mission in order to move to the Yellow class. Students continue to build on the skills they learned in White class. They gain more strength, flexibility, and coordination. Skills include Wall Flips, Back Handsprings, Tornado Kicks, and Kong vaults. Safety techniques for falling, landing and transitioning are strongly emphasized. Students should be able to perform progressions independently.

Green Boys – Boys ages 6-11. Class is 1 hour.

Green Girls – Girls ages 6-11. Class is 1 hour.


Mastery of White and Yellow Ninja skills is required to advance to this level. In this class, students will gain mastery of all safety techniques and have the ability to follow Ninja standards in focus and taking direction. They will have mastered all beginner progressions and move on to solo flipping, basic jump + kick + flip combos, turning & flipping window escapes.


Ninja Missions: A Mission is for the advancement of ninja boys or ninja girls to move up to the next ninja level. When ninjas are ready to move to the next level, trainers will send out an “invitation to mission card.” Ninjas must sign up for the mission. At the mission, Ninjas will be evaluated on mastery of their skills and The Creed. Ninjas who show mastery will be advanced to the next level and will receive their next level headband or wristband.

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