Level Descriptions:


Ducklings (Yellow Feather)

Ducklings is the first step in creating confidence in young children! In an organized yet playful structure, this class is the perfect way to socialize your child, allow them to learn to follow instruction, and, of course, get them moving! Our Ducklings will focus on listening skills, fundamental movement and coordination, motor skill development, body awareness, imagination, and character through gymnastics instruction! The Ducklings will be Introduced to each gymnastics apparatus that is pre-school appropriate for both boys and girls!
Baby Jays (Blue Feather)

After our Ducklings grow up, they move on to become Baby Jays, flying fast to the next stage of learning! In this level we begin to introduce more complex skills while building strength, coordination, as well as body and spatial awareness. These birds will continue to improve their motor skills while having fun!

Tiny Toucans (Orange Feather)

Next up in the Nest, we have the vibrant Toucan! This is a big step toward flying out of the nest and quite an achievement! We are now kicking to a handstand against the wall, showing big kid skills on bars and beam, and showing strength and flexibility on all events. Tiny Toucans generally take one 45 minute class per week but can move up even faster by participating in two classes per week!  Students who pass Tiny Toucans may be asked to join one of our invitation only classes: Advanced Kinder-Gym (Lil’ Flamingos) or Pre-Team (Parakeets)
Lil’ Flamingos (Pink Feather)

Standing tall and proud is the highly sought-after Flamingo! It is a huge accomplishment to reach Lil’ Flamingo status! These little birdies have sprouted their wings and can now fly from the Kinder-Nest, advancing to one hour-long class, that will turn into two one-hour classes when they are ready! These Flamingos will be climbing the rope to 6’ and pulling over on a bar all by themselves! Who wouldn’t feel Proud in Pink as a Lil’ Flamingo?!
Parakeets (Multi-Color)

These Parakeets have worked their tail feathers off to be at the top of the flock, flaunting every color earned in each level! These birds are now soaring and have built up the confidence, strength, endurance, and awareness to be on their own! We are now headed to class two times a week for 90 minutes at a time. We cannot wait to see these Beautiful Birds grow in the Nest at IGN!

Baby Birds

¨ * NEW CLASS! * Baby Birds | 6 months – 1 year | 30 mins


Free, ongoing weekly class for parents/caregivers and infants 6 months to 1-year-old! This 30 minute class creates special parent-child bonding time through sensory stimulation and physical play like rocking, rolling, tummy time, and social interaction. 

• Apparel: Comfortable clothes to move around in. Parents: socks, no bare feet. Long hair tied up.

• Tuition: FREE!

• Annual membership: $24 (due at time of enrollment)


Bouncing Birds

¨ Bouncing Birds | Walking – 3 years | 30 mins

For children who love action and who like to go-go-go! Our Bouncing Birds class provides your toddler with an opportunity to interact with other toddlers, benefitting their social development. Our curriculum uses a combination of motor activities infused with fun music and play. Students who are developmentally ready will begin working on the Ducklings level skills. *BONUS: All Bouncing Birds students get an extra perk of attending Lunch Bunch for FREE!

• Apparel: Comfortable clothes to move around in, socks or bare feet. No skirts, dresses, or tights. Long hair tied up. • Tuition: $49.50/month

• Annual membership: $24 (due at time of enrollment)

• Parent/Caregiver participation required


¨ Tumble Birds | 3-4 years | 45 mins

The Tumble Birds class will start with a fun and energizing warm-up and basic gymnastics positions. The class is designed for development of gymnastics skills including tumbling, trampoline, balance beam, rings, and bars. In addition, this class will help your child learn how to work with others, develop and improve reading readiness, and improve their motor skills in a fun, safe environment with our certified teachers. Kids will progress through the Ducklings, Baby Jays, and Tiny Toucans while in Tumble Birds.  • Levels covered: Ducklings, Baby Jays, Tiny Toucans

• Apparel:  Leotard is preferred for girls. Athletic shorts & tucked in shirt for boys. Socks or bare feet. No skirts, dresses, or tights. Long hair tied up.

• Tuition: $69/month

• Annual membership: $24 (due at time of enrollment)

Where to Find Us

Coralville Location:
2550 Holiday Road

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Phone: 319.341.2229


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Office Hours

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Monday-Thursday 9:00AM-7:00PM 

Fridays: 9:00AM-Noon

Saturday: Closed

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Iowa City Office:

Please call the CV office: 319-341-2229

Monday - Thursday


Friday: Closed

Saturday: 9:00AM-Noon

Sunday: Closed

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