Invitation-Only Gymnastics Classes

The Iowa Gym-Nest has a number of programs for talented and gifted students. Children must possess excellent strength, flexibility, listening skills, and show a genuine interest in the sport gymnastics. These classes include:


Advanced Kinder-Gym | 3-4 years | Invitation Only | 1 hour

This co-ed class is for students who demonstrate exceptional skill comprehension, strength, flexibility, and listening skills. Students who pass through Ducklings, Baby Jays, and Tiny Toucans may be invited to join this class as well. This is an accelerated learning track and students will spend most of their class time in the “big gym” working on more advanced skills. 3 year-olds may take 1 or 2 classes per week, 4 year-olds take 2 classes per week.

• Levels covered: Lil’ Flamingos

• Apparel:  Leotard is preferred for girls. Athletic shorts & tucked in shirt for boys. Socks or bare feet. No skirts, dresses, or tights. Long hair tied up. • Tuition: $92.50/month (1 class/week) | $168.50/month (2 classes/week)

• Annual membership: $24 (due at time of enrollment)


Pre-Team Girls, 5-6 years | Invitation Only | 3 hours

Girls who complete all the Lil’ Flamingo skills may be invited to join our Pre-Team class which meets twice per week for 90 minutes each. This class prepares the kids to enter into our competitive Team program. Students are challenged with more difficult skills, strength, and flexibility training. The curriculum for this class is set up for one-year. Most students start in this group in June and stay in it through the following May. At the successful completion of this class, the students are ready to move to our Prep Team! 2 classes/week are required.

• Levels covered: Parakeets

• Apparel: Leotard and bare feet. No skirts, dresses, or tights. Long hair tied up.

• Tuition: $231.00/month

• Annual membership: $24 (due at time of enrollment)


Participation in these gymnastic programs is by invitation only.

If you would like your child evaluated for one of our Invitation Only Classes, call the office at 319-341-2229 or e-mail Erika Briscoe ( for TOPS/Elite Inquiries, Kassi Todryk ( for XCEL Inquiries, or Jayden Roth ( for other girls inquiries. 



 The Iowa Gym-Nest TOPs Program


TOPs is an acronym for Talent Opportunities Program. Its base is in building strength, flexibility, and solid basics for young girls who show promise in the sport of gymnastics. It is designed to help prepare students for testing in the USA Gymnastics TOPs program from the ages of 7 to 10. Gymnasts who are successful in the TOPs program are able to compete at a National level and participate in camps at the USA Gymnastics National Team and Olympic Training Center. Gymnasts who participate in TOPs programs generally progress faster in gymnastics, and have a strong foundation to help them reach their goals in the sport: whether it be competing at an elite level, a high Junior Olympic level, or achieving a college scholarship.


Each age level in our TOPs program will have milestones for the girls to reach in order to help them be successful as they grow in gymnastics. All classes in the IGN TOPs program are by invitation only.

Tiny TOPs:

Tiny TOPs is for 5 year olds, and meets 4 hours per week. There will be a continued focus on strength and flexibility in the class. In Tiny TOPs skill acquisition will also play an important role, and this is where strong basic gymnastics will begin to come into play.


Junior TOPs

Junior TOPs is for 6 year olds, and meets 9 hours per week. Strength, flexibility, and basic gymnastics skills will still be emphasized.  

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