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Since it's establishment in 1973 the Iowa Gym-Nest has demonstrated a continuous commitment to excellence in women's competitive gymnastics. Over the years Iowa Gym-Nest athletes have won numerous state, regional, and national championships. The Iowa Gym-Nest is a member of USA gymnastics and currently has approximately 150 total athletes in all of our Competitive programs. Iowa Gym-Nest prides itself on helping each athlete reach their potentional as a gymnast, and as a person. In keeping with our mission statement we have never measured success in how many medals are won at a competition. Our goal is to help develop strong, healthy, confident children through the sport of gymnastics.


Iowa Gym-Nest is the most unique club in the area as we offer many different competitive team track groups. We offer TOPS/Elite, Deveolpement Program, XCEL and Tumbling team opportunites. Please find the group information below as well as contact information. 


Fast Track (Blue, Ruby, Pink)

These groups work at an accelerated pace to  gain the necessary skills to progress towards the TOPs, Hopes, Elite Track. These athletes are expected to show a high level of commitment, work ethic and continual growth. In order to continue in these fast tracks groups, the athletes will have to meet the group requirements during each bi-annual evaluation. Athletes in these groups should expect to have a modified school schedule and travel frequently. If you are interested in having your daughter evaluated for this track, please email Erika at


High Performance Track (Lavender, Peach)

These groups contain athletes (Level 4-10) who have a desire to pursue high level gymnastics within the Development Program. These athletes are motivated to pursue college gymnastics by working efficiently and precisely while being intrinsically motivated. Athletes in these groups may need a modified school schedule as they will practice 2-6pm. They will be required to attend 4 or 5 times a week during the fall schedule based on level. If you are interested in having your daughter evaluated for a high performance group, please contact Jill at


Development Program Track (Red, Yellow, Purple, Green)

These groups contain athletes (Level 3-8 and Level 9/10 event specialists) who have a desire to progress in gymnastics and are committed to 4 hour practices,  3-4 times a week based on level. This track allows for more flexibility for athletes  to pursue other interests but still requires athletes to meet group expectations and commitment to practice hours. If you are interested in having your daughter evaluated for this track, please contact Chelsey at


XCEL Track (Lime, Mint, Teal, Turquoise)

These groups contain athletes in the XCEL program working through Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels. They are required to attend a minimum of 2 practices a week with the opportunity to add a third day if desired. This track is a great fit for athletes who participate in other extra-curricular activities while still getting the competition experience. These groups require less practice time commitment with more flexibility. If you are interested in having your daughter evaluated for this track, please contact Kassi at


Tumbling and Trampoline (Beginner, Advanced)

These groups contain both male and female athletes who will compete in USAG, USTA, and/or AAU meets for the following events: Rod Floor (Tumbling), Double Mini, Trampoline. Tumbling and trampoline is a great fit for athletes who wish to have a competitive experience while having fun working on improving and advancing their skills. They are required to attend practices twice a week and have less of a commitment to the number of meets per season. If you are interested in having your daughter or son evaluated for this track, please contact John at



Because of time and space constraints, positions in all of our team programs are limited and by inviation only. If you have interest in our team programs, please reach to the correct contact person. 

Where to Find Us

Coralville Location:
2550 Holiday Road

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Phone: 319.341.2229


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Iowa City Office:

Please call the CV office: 319-341-2229

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